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Color Your Dreams True is published!!


It is the first volume of Mira(cle)Doodles Coloring Workbook series which is designed to plant seeds of happiness on your path by concentrating on “What instead”. The book has 10 coloring exercises with questions to meditate on. It will help you overcome overwhelm about your dream.
I walked that path last year and turned it into these exercises because I felt that it was so life-changingly different from the action based visioning that has seldom worked for me. Eventually these exercises lead me to the point where I was ready to take serious action!!
My proofreader, the awesome Elloa Atkinson said “Color Your Dreams True is a beautiful, delightful book that adds so much joy and focused playfulness to the journey of dreaming and making those dreams come true. It is going to bless so many people.”
The book is going to appear in Amazon next week and now you can get it from Createspace’s own store.

Get your copy and let the coloring begin!

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  1. Hi Elina 🙂 I bought 2 copies of this lovely and inspiring coloring book when you first had it up on Amazon. Will you be selling this again at any point? I’d LOVE to order more to gift and use in our Infinite Possibilities classes. Sending Love your way <3

    • Hi! <3 I love to hear you loved it, thank you so much for this message! I pulled it off because it had outdated links on it to my old website, and it has definitely been on my mind to publish a new edition of it, but it has postponed all the time. But thank you for letting me know that it is not forgotten. I'll do my best. If you want, you can sign up to my newsletter to stay tuned!