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Ahh, I loved to doodle through the 21 days of the #MoneyLoveChallenge, it was a beautiful experience that changed my thoughts and beliefs about money into a great deal more loving direction.

Aaaand now..

On to the new adventures!!

I’m eager to devote more of my time now to emptying my drawers!!

And I’ve chosen Patreon to be my desk. It is going to be the platform where you can experience my stories and have sneak peeks over my shoulders while I’m working on my books!

You can also just sign in and support me without any payments, then you’ll receive all the doodles I publish for free in social media with deeper insights and the opportunity to chat with me and all the others in the comments!

What are those gems I’ve kept hidden in my drawers?

Many artists draw their drawers full and never publish much. It is the inner journey that is already fulfilling in itself. It’s tempting to just keep on doing and enjoying your art by yourself.

Then there are those that say that hiding your gift is like stealing from others.

Enough of that – I’m ready to publish my stuff!!

I’ve over 500 doodles as sketches for this year’s stories, I’ve six journals full of unpublished sketches from studying A Course in Miracles Workbook by doodling, I’ve sketches for 12 or more books that can be coloring books, children’s books or inner children’s books. And I’ve many other journals filled with sketches and notes for something bigger.

That’s a lot!

I’ve kept on sharing my doodles now for over a year and seen how it has affected people who have followed my art unfolding. It is so magnificent and touching to hear all the feedback and the comments!! So there is proof that it is worth to go ahead full speed with this gift!

It takes time to go through all that and weave them into stories – I’d love to do it this year and for that I’d need your help! Please, support this adventure at Patreon, get showered by my lovely rewards and we can all be amazed together where this will lead us!

Join me at Patreon and see more.