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I’ve been exploring my uncomfort zone in purpose of expanding into new level of comfort in a 30-day challenge by Niamh Arthur. It has been awesome to see how far my reality is from my vision.


But that is perfectly okay! I meet all the limiting beliefs that come up and all the shouts from my ego and little by little by showing up for this challenge with my beating heart every day I take leaps that expand me.


..And I keep wondering..


I haven’t yet seen the magic, but maybe that is something subtle that is doing its tricks deep down inside me before it surfaces.

Until that day.. I must say that being out of breath daily and trying something out that scares you every day is quite addicting: It’s fun!

What is something that you would love to be confident and comfortable with, but is really scaring you out?

What small step could you take daily to expand your comfort zone into new level?