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Today is the last day of the #MoneyLoveChallenge and it was about giving it away!

I just donated the biggest money that I’ve ever given away to a charity that I appreciate. It felt good and yes, it truly made me feel abundant!

But I didn’t have a doodle in mind so I opened my pad and asked my pen and out came this! The money that gets to spend a couple of days in my account has its bags full of love to be spread to the world now!! I loved that idea!!
And the golden circle that Mira lifts up here is referring to the day 12 doodle and it felt good to think that I know where my money is and I’m the one making decisions when it leaves and where it goes.

And I don’t know where that “Happy money, happy people” came from, but it made me laugh to think that money has feelings too, because this challenge has made me a better friend to money and I’m excited to find out where this year will lead me moneywise!

Thank you everybody and thank you Kate Northrup for this awesome, loving challenge!