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time to let go!

I wrote a long note of all that no longer serve me with an intention to burn it today. I stopped when I realized that from an old habit I took a photo of the list..

Wait a minute, that’s not letting go!!

I deleted the photo and thought about it. I believe there are so much to learn in the past and I wanted to figure out how to preserve these memories so that I could still learn from them.

Well, right there and then I flipped each of them into lessons and good new beliefs that will serve me better. It felt wonderful to write this new list which said things like: “Earning money is simple and fun!” and “Art made with integrity is always profitable”. This one I will hold onto as a memory!

Then I climbed up the nearby hill, found my sacred spot, read the old beliefs out loud. One match, big flame, and they were gone!!

Kate suggested to read these words out loud: “I am now releasing anything and everything from my financial past that no longer serves me. I am grateful for the ways it got me to where I am today, and I now set it free, and me, free in love.”

So powerful!!! Thank you!

I buried the ashes under a pine tree that now became my prosperity tree that I’ll visit whenever I have questions.

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