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Day 4 of the Money Love Challenge!

Time to set goals! And time to hit major resistance! Well, I have set goals for myself this year and I did it in Patreon. Kate Northrup also advices to set savings, investment and donating goals and in that specific order.

It felt funny to do it with imaginary money and with the big scary hairy feeling that I won’t meet the goals.

But then I figured..

For this time that I don’t yet earn much I want to feel good about what I get, so I set those goals for my creativity:

– I earn the creative flow every day – That’s special!!! I set a monetary value for it per day – and feel richer that way.
– I will save 30 % of what I create for further use (I have filled so many journals that my savings are overflowing already!)
– I will invest 10 % a day of that creative flow in something that would grow me more creativity (or money) in the future.
– And I will donate 10 % of that flow to the world. (Those visits to schools and these doodles I publish daily – they are the tip of my iceberg.)

This exercise did it again! I feel better about my financial situation!

I earn happiness/creativity daily and from that I can save, invest and share with others!

And the money will come and when it does I treat it with love and care and can add even more value to the world!!