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I love how I can reflect to the challenge one year back.

Back then I never checked my bank accout balance, but to pay the bills. I was always feeling lack and panicky about it. I created a habit of a monthly check-up after the challenge and now I feel so much better while visiting my online bank! (And as I compared the numbers today with what I got a year back and I now I was surprised that I have so much less, but really feel better about it!! Amazing!!)

We have been talking about the blessings that surround us with my friends lately (I love the topic!! Just to point them out!) and this doodle came into my mind today to help from this day forward. I want to see the bigger picture – How we are surrounded by love and money is just one part of the game. One form of love’s way to appear in this world. 

This just gets better all the time!

What are the blessings that surround you?
Pointing blessings out – it is one of the empowering actions that we can take!!

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