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Last Friday I finally did it!

I went to bed early! Wohoo!!

Around the New Year I started wondering what would change in my life if I slept more for 30 nights in a row.

So on Friday I begun.

Mira(cle)Doodles - Elina Puohiniemi

It’s been six nights now and I can feel the difference already.

But what’s interesting is that I’ve been going strong with about six hours of sleep or less for so long that I wake up around 4am now naturally and feeling fresh. I do continue to dose of until 6 though, because I feel like this could be a transition phase where my body will balance into the ideal amount of enough sleep.

If it continues though and I keep on waking up at 4 am feeling fresh in a week or so I will test another thing: I will just start my day then and devote my morning hours for meditation, creativity or something else I’ve been graving lonely me-time for – Oh studying!! Yes!! Or thinking things through with Mira! Yay!

I will make weekly updates to keep up with the challenge!

Will you join me in the 30 Night Go to Bed Early Challenge?

How would your life change if you selpt well for 30 nights in a row?

There’s just one way to find out!