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Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

In October 2017 I challenged myself to draw daily again for a year.
In January I will explore with blue ink and if possible spend a little more time with each doodle than usually.

Daily Doodling – The Ripple-Effect of White Space

I’ve loved how Kate Northrup talks about white space in her #DoLessExperiment
which helps us do less but gain more from our time.

When I walked in a blizzard today I was wondering what I could draw about white space and then I thought about the act of drawing itself and how it always begins from a white space. Not only literally a white paper, but also from the moments of doing nothing.

The more creative I am the more I allow myself to enjoy the gaps in between and be in the now (even in the middle of a busy phase of life) I couldn’t do without white space on my schedule. I definitely thrive by it!

So I ended up doodling Mira experiment with the white space she’s in.
And there’s so much of it around her!

Like there’s a lot around us all.
We can schedule white space for ourselves – There’s always time for it.

And the ripple-effect is beautiful too!
Your time spent on what you love tends to expand.

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