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Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

The Twinkle in Her Eye

“I’m curious of what is coming around the corner…”

This sums up Mira’s attitude for life.

She’s curious,
Loves life and
Keeps evolving.

Here she looks a little different than before,
I’m testing out if her looks could evolve this way.

You know, for four years I’ve been doodling her
And Mira(cle)Doodles have been more about marking down
A feeling or an insight I’ve had or needed that moment
Than trying to get it right visually.

It hasn’t been about the looks of how she looks like.
It hasn’t been about beauty or precision.

Every time I’m done doodling I observe the doodle
And see if the shape of her has a message for me.

Sometimes her shorter legs tell me that I may need to stretch myself towards the skies and practice more spirituality.
Sometimes her being taller than before may indicate that I need to reach down to the ground and feel the earth.

It has been important to let her pop out of my pen
As ever-changing insightful character.
Only tied down to colors and some basic similarities
So that you know it’s her.

But maybe it’s time to let her shape become more disciplined?

Or maybe not..


Only time will tell.

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Year 2018 is about doodling daily again – With ink this time. For each month I’ve chosen a different color.