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Celebrating 5 Years of Mira(cle)Doodles!


Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

Have you ever looked back in your life and seen that it is all love?

All your little, teeny tiny steps together have built up an amazing journey!

That’s how I feel about my journey with Mira(cle)Doodles – The comic series I have been drawing now for five years.

You all have heard the story of how it all began, so I won’t go there, but add a little more to it…

Five years ago I had just graduated as a Master coach after two years of studying. I had been diving deep into the enneagram which is a tool for understanding people. It had revealed to me what my ego is made of and also shown me what I could be capable of.

But I didn’t stop there and know exactly how to put it into action.

I still continued studying and going deeper

Finding A Course in Miracles felt like it was taking me to the core of all my other studies.

My constant calling for Miracles and my deep longing to express myself as an artist created space for Mira to pop out of my pen.

And so she did!

As an artist I had dreams, I had the history of life-time drawing and even going through a three year Art School. But at that moment of life I was stuck with my pen.

I hadn’t drawn for years.

I had just stopped.

And now it was time to start fresh

And oh wow how nasty my inner voices were, because of course I didn’t draw as well anymore – I had been drawing realistic pictures back in the day. Now I could hardly draw a stick figure.

…But thanks to Mira, she didn’t care!

I could draw her as she appeared. She was more about the message than the looks, actually she was more about hiding loving messages in her looks.

Mira always had something to say, so I was hooked!

One doodle at a time I got more courage and started to dream of posting my doodles online. And what’s interesting about Mira is that she’s a total YES person, she goes for it. Whereas I am slower, I like to say NO first, then think over.

So with her vibes, I started to learn to go for it, to start before I was ready.

And that’s when I started playing with the horryifying PUBLISH button.

It’s actually quite a fun game.

Just press it,
then learn to deal with the inner voices.
And then notice that the world didn’t collapse,
none of your fears came true.

And so I kept listening to Mira,
I kept doodling on and on,
And I kept pushing that button!


Here’s what I’ve learnt
from Pushing the PUBLISH Button

1. You just gotta do it! Start before you are ready!

2. If it feels like too much, get inspired from the growth stories of other artists and entrepreneurs. (Dig out their old videos on You Tube, see if they have posted a story where they reflect back). This way you can see how much they have grown and improved BY SHOWING UP.

3. There is no fast lane. You gotta take one step at a time and start where you are. This will lovingly trick your ego to not notice what’s happening – Sneak in the change!

4. Trust that it will be worth it.

5. Always remind yourself to connect with Love on each step you take, that paints the most beautiful picture for you in the long run.

These steps apply to any new adventure you are on, even if it doesn’t require pushing the publish button, but something else that you need to do to stretch away from your comfort zone.

What is your Next Tiny Step?
Share in the comments below and I’ll cheer you on!!

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Artist, Illustrator, Author & Life Coach. Turning struggles into loving laughter with her illustrations.
Creator of Mira(cle)Doodles.

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