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#Inktober2019 Notes


Here you’ll find all the notes I wrote to go with the drawings I did in October 2019
inspired by Jake Parker’s #Inktober2019 challenge.

#Inktober2019 • Day 31


Whenever I feel like rushing things, I listen to this song (Link to You Tube, Empty Hands Music) and again return to trusting that all is well and happens in divine timing.

Everything becomes more effortless when you stop pushing. Aaand fruits always taste better when they are ripe anyway.

This was the last drawing for #Inktober2019 Ta-Dah!

I hope you enjoyed the challenge as much as I did. It has been easier to follow through every year. When in 2017 I was worried if I even make it through, this year I knew that following the prompts daily will bring me more energy, so giving myself the time and space each day to draw, made everything else in my life flow too. Magical!!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me!

Feel free to leave a comment below and tell me how you liked it!

#Inktober2019 • Day 30


Once again Mira has fallen and Love caught her in the air.

To have this kind of trust in the Universe, is to relax in the flow of life. That’s when you try and you fail, but you rise up again for another try.

All the failures add up to lessons learnt in life, and when you look back, those are all beautiful lessons that brought you here, to be the best version of yourself that you are!

Here’s to trying again and
trusting that the Universe has your back!

#Inktober2019 • Day 29


What you give your attention to grows. The only way to quiet down your ego is to love it to pieces.

So accept it as a part of you and concentrate on your strengths, gifts and skills instead.

Focus on what you do want to grow instead!

#Inktober2019 • Day 28


Life is quite a ride! I find great comfort in an idea like this, no matter what’s going on in my life, I can rest in thinking that it will all make sense in the end, the big picture is much bigger than I can imagine.

Ego finds this idea as an emergency exit, but that’s not what it truly is. There’s no need to rush it.

Every step counts, every challenge we face and every triumph we gain are neutral, like photos in that album your soul gets to take with her when all is over.

Let’s enjoy the ride – Now!

#Inktober2019 • Day 27


Haha! Ego’s a smartpants… I drew this to emphasis on how often we are challenged with others by simple misunderstandings… 

If the ego had just been willing to listen, stepped into Mira’s shoes for a bit (seen how she’s shivering because she’s cold for example) and hadn’t jumped into quick conclusions, he would have understood that Mira may have made a little mistake in pronunciation. 

(Which btw I do aaaalll the time when I read English out loud. LOL!)

Or maybe Mira could have just relaxed and laughed and gave that cute little goat a pat.

#Inktober2019 • Day 26


This idea dates back to 2015 when I was doodling daily for the first time for the whole year. I illustrated some of my favorite quotes as I studied life and Love. 

Mira looks at her shadow with gratitude. It shows her that she’s whole. There’s light and there’s darkness in all of us. And she chooses to concentrate on appreciating the light side of her more. Because what you appreciate, appreciates. 

Click here to see the old doodle.

#Inktober2019 • Day 25


Like they say, it’s good to sometimes imagine yourself sitting on a bench, eating popcorn and watching yourself from afar like in a movie, just munching and observing your behavior.

Well, I think that our heart somewhat sits on that bench entertaining herself as we act out the drama of our life.

But at the moment we got curious on what she has to offer, what love has to say… That’s when life gets tasty!

#Inktober2019 • Day 24


It feels like not before I step out of the hamster wheel of my life that I notice how dizzy it actually made me feel… Whee!

#Inktober2019 • Day 23


This story is ancient… 

Or maybe not for most people… Individualism wasn’t embraced on this level in ancient times. 

The stories that advice to follow your heart are old though, but how old? And what is ancient? 

#Inktober prompts this year delightfully tickle my curiosity!

#Inktober2019 • Day 22


There once was a little girl who saw horrible nightmares, waking up night after night in cold sweat. Too horrified to open her eyes, what if those ghosts were still there. Not brave enough to cry for help. Just grinding her teeth in the dark.

Until came the day when she decided that that’s it.

No more nightmares for her.

Her determination shone so bright that when she laid her head on her pillow that night and the usual nightmare started to take shape in her dreams she realized that something had changed. She walked those dark and deserted corridors of her nightmare. She saw the ghosts approach, and instead of horror taking over her knees, she felt a tingling in her stomach.

It expanded and grew until it touched her heart and she gave out a little laughter. The ghosts looked puzzled and retreated at the sound. That looked so funny that she laughed a bit more, and then more, until she was on the floor rolling with laughter. Those ghosts never came back.

And if life’s a dream, does it mean that I can start laughing and wake up at any given moment? Even now?

#Inktober2019 • Day 21


Why is Mira frowning?

Doesn’t she see that the treasure is right there in front of her and the key available too?


This is what her ego does instead…

Watch the video below to find out what happens!

#Inktober2019 • Day 20


It’s sometimes hard to see who holds the carrot, it’s hard to see that you are running on a treadmill in a hopeless attempt to get there… 

And then (for some reason) life speeds up in a way that makes it even harder to see the bigger picture. 

And did you even WANT a carrot in the first place if you stopped to ask yourself..? 

What’s the latest carrot you have been after?

#Inktober2019 • Day 19


At first I drew the heart looking at the ego with puzzled face. But then I realized, she actually is okay with this solution too… Now she has a chance to spread wide and far and maybe even shout out the joyful happy news as she soars the skies…

But the ego thinks he just gets rid of a nuisance that always grins by his side…

Here’s an old doodle story where Mira shoots love away as she judges people.

#Inktober2019 • Day 18


This is for all the misfits out there! When I looked up the definition for misfit it was kinda depressing… “That quiet, depressed girl over there is a misfit.”

But I’d heard it being used by entrepreneurs who call in for rebels and individualists in a very spirited, uplifting way.

What is a misfit then?

When I first encountered the enneagram theory I heard that people of my ego type can easily spend their time in an imaginary world, and my teacher wanted to shake me out of it. Though reality to me seemed to be very conflicting and I repelled it. Until… I studied A Course in Miracles and understood that my definition of “reality” just was crooked. The world of love is way easier to approve as reality, and in there all the misfits suddenly have a place where they feel they belong.

What if “misfit” really wasn’t an outcast, but just reacted to the world that she doesn’t belong in with retreating away from it. I so understand!

A miracle is a shift in perception, and with this shift in seeing the reality from the perspective of love who then is an outcast? No one.

#Inktober2019 • Day 17


Okay, this one’s personal… When I first saw the prompts I thought this one could be tricky. And when something feels tricky to achieve that means the ego is putting the brakes on… First step “Needs to understand the big picture”, when that’s not possible he “tries to retreat”… Maybe no one notices. But when the heart just goes on, and some clarity comes into the picture the third step of the ego is to “denies he has anything to do with it”…
I went short on paper, so the fourth step “tries to explain herself out of it” and the fifth step “clumsily turns it all into a joke” are here in writing… Eh..
…I won’t even let my ego go into all the explanations on how come he doesn’t like ornaments when truth be told I think he kinda loves all things shiny… just doesn’t want to admit it.


Here’s a little detail of the doodle, so that you can see the shine on that golden bauble too.

#Inktober2019 • Day 16


These nights during the Full Moon time can cause restlessness. Mind races around when your body just wanted to get some sleep… 

The cure for the racing mind for me is acceptance. I simply just accept that some nights I soar the starry skies with my mind. The next day I accept that I can be a bit more tired, but actually after a night of accepting yourself the way you are, I most often end up having the time of my life. I guess acceptance also recharges your batteries (like sleep). Nice!

#Inktober2019 • Day 15


Did the people who turned into legends ever think they were going to become one? I doubt. They just followed their hearts, one step at a time. (Or then people just made up those stories so that we would be inspired to do so in our own life.) 

Half-way through the #inktober and this has been so much fun, being inspired each day with a different prompt. This morning I didn’t have an idea so I asked my son. Before he could say a word, I exclaimed: “Oh, never mind, there it came!” & then I drew this.

#Inktober2019 • Day 14


What do you think, can Love ever be overgrown? 

Sometimes when my ego overgrows or swells up to sizes that I am not proud of, it makes my world smaller and smaller, colors dimmer and dimmer until there’s only black and white left and my life feels grey. It is no fun to live in a world where my ego is so huge. But when my heart expands and reaches out to others, when it envelops them in her warm embrace and shines light, that’s when the whole world finally seems to make sense.

#Inktober2019 • Day 13


Like a phoenix! I’ve heard the saying “You’re on fire!” or “I’m on fire!” a lot lately. That makes me think of phoenixes, those birds from stories that burst into flames to then rise from the ashes again.

The phrase “burn out” comes quite handy after being on fire for a while… If the being-on-fire was somewhat ego-driven and about over-achieving. Being on fire can be extremely energizing too of course, but in this story I refer to the one that leads to burning out. Remember to rest, even if you are a phoenix!

#Inktober2019 • Day 12


Mira’s ego is a lizard, not a dragon. But oh boy how he would love to be a fierce, brave, strong – ah, all that grandiose dragon stuff – dragon.

So on Halloween he makes his dreams come true, with sellotape, but anyway.

And then on the next day he returns back to his people-pleasing self.

#Inktober2019 • Day 11


Snow globes!! Of course! 

Your heart is not on the outside, but it may feel like her voice is mumbled, it’s hard to listen to her messages, like she was behind a wall. Little by little that wall changes into more and more transparent one, until finally, you Know that there’s more to life than this bubble of yours – The whole Universeful of possibilities! 

I loved to add some color here today!

Here’s the set I used for creating this Mira(cle)Doodle! 

When I wanted to figure out a way to paint a starry sky for the first time, I almost dropped from my seat laughing when I saw that it is done with a toothbrush!

It really works – Take an old toothbrush, dip the tip in white ink and then move the bristles with your finger and ink sprays everywhere! Aim it on your paper and ta-dah!

#Inktober2019 • Day 10


Ooh, I just found out about this model of Conscious Competence and it’s sooo interesting how it illustrates the process of learning any new skill. I added that zigzagging arrow there, because that’s the biggest insight I got from it.
How hard it is sometimes to learn new skills when you try and try and try, but it just feels so hard, and you slip back to your old habits and ignorance. This model shows the big picture and keeping it in mind learning gets easier.
You’ll then know what’s ahead, there’s just this one box of uncomfort to go through and then it’ll be fine.
If you want to learn more of this model, this article is where I first read about it.

#Inktober2019 • Day 9


Something fun and quick today! 

I’m currently working on illustrations for a client and one of the pictures has an animal swinging like this, so I wanted to give Mira a chance to give it a go too! 

Swinging is fun!

#Inktober2019 • Day 8


Love is the forward motion.

It’s the ego that gets the hits and can drown in the suffering, but that put aside you’ve got the power inside to move mountains.

If you are interested in finding more about the ego and love, check out the doodles I’ve drawn inspired by A Course in Miracles Workbook.

#Inktober2019 • Day 7


Do you really need a castle, Mira?

And can you really shape it solid from a cloud?

The ego makes you spend hours and hours occupied with planning for the future before you wake up and realize that you actually have all that you wanted already.

This was my first attempt to day 8 prompt FRAIL.

Ego’s illusions are fragile, and when they pop, it hurts. But the thing suffering is the ego.

In this picture you can’t see what is there instead of the castles build in clouds (A Finnish saying), because the ego is still hung up in the illusion. Maybe it invents something to replace that broken dream and hurries up to make Mira busy with that.

But there’s a whole another world outside the one dictated by the ego…

The world of Love.

#Inktober2019 • Day 6


I had this picture in my mind, but I had no idea what words would go with it, so I asked my 11 year old son what to write and I think this is just perfect – Keep choosing your own kind of journey. The way you want to travel through this journey called life is your own unique decision, keep going for it!

Mira typically chooses a horse to play with which represents the mind in Mira(cle)Doodles comic series, but I think these dogs represent pure joy this time – Let your joy pull you forward!

Mira(cle)Doodles are illustrations from a spiritual path, so each one I draw brings up messages when I look at them closer. Here even the little snowflakes carry the message of joy – I love winter, and we already got our first little attempt of snow yesterday here in Finland, yay!

#Inktober2019 • Day 5


Whatever it is you build, be it your dream life, a business or a house, it is kinda comforting to know that 1/3 of a skyscraper is below the ground. 

The bigger the dream, the deeper it’s okay to dig so that the foundation will be sturdy and your thing will take any storm when it is built up.

Yay, so keep digging!

#Inktober2019 • Day 4


The stress response was the first thing that came into my mind, it’s often referred as fight or flight, but those aren’t the only options – Freezing as a reaction to stressful situations is common too. 

Just the other day I got offended by something someone wrote to me on social media. I was puzzled. I couldn’t response. And still days later, I have no idea how to react to what she said. It could be about flight too, but I didn’t flee, I have seriously tried to figure it out and have tried to type an answer, but nothing just comes out. So I call that freezing.

If only my heart would be there, she would Know (…but I have a migraine so the ego just happens to be louder at the moment).

#Inktober2019 • Day 3


FOMO… What if that thought would get me where I wanted? What if that thought gave me peace? (You can replace the word “thought” with “a book/course/person/food, whatever your way of seeking for peace is).

And the heart just sits still and knows. Peace already is.

Where did you find peace the last time you felt it?

#Inktober2019 • Day 2


I was so excited to find out what ideas would come up with this prompt, and I went with the first one. A horse represents the mind in my doodles and just last week I published a story at Patreon where I play with this concept. The heart, body, mind trio.

Having Mira wave them off with that cloth in her hand also added another layer to the doodle. A cloth like that is what I use for a symbol for forgiveness in the doodles I’m drawing this year inspired by A Course in Miracles Workbook.

And who is this body then who is left waving? That’s for us all to find out… Are you willing to let your mind play with your heart today? What’s the first thing they’d do together?

#Inktober2019 • Day 1


If only…

Yeah, Mira in truth your heart is way easier to reach than through a device!

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