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ACIM-Doodles in 2020


Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

In 2020 I’m doodling through A Course in Miracles workbook again and this time in a style like this. I have a notebook (five of them actually to cover all the 365 days) that I’ll fill in one spread at a time with one or two sentences that wrap up the idea of the lesson of the day and then Mira shows me what to think of it by popping out of my pen.

Here’s what came out on lesson 29. Mira’s view on the lessons is a loving, joy-centered and fresh. She always makes me relax with her viewpoints even though sometimes they are like a slap in the face…

That’s when they show how ridiculous this world our ego has invented is.

I decided not to post them all online this year, but to share the highlights on my free monthly update, you can sign up here to get them in your inbox: 

And every month I’m going to draw a story with 5-10 doodles that dive deeper into the world of miracles, and post them at Patreon where you can get them (already 12 of them posted there) for $5 per month.

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