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Just In Case, Justin Case…


Decluttering Journey -Gallery

Lately I’ve been thinking of my new relationship with stuff, and was reminded of these doodles I drew when I was struggling with decluttering my belongings back in 2015.

I had been moving my stuff around for years and years, never having a clean countertop. It got so serious that I got rid of all the countertops at one point, it was the only way to have a feeling of cleared space in my home (if I didn’t look on the floor).

But then I found Marie Kondo’s book and started right away. It was a life-changing six months and I never looked back. And still five years later my home stays tidy, or as tidy as I like it to be. My home truly brings me peace and is the place where I can be creative!

If you are struggling with your stuff check out these oldies from Pinterest for inspiration:

P.S. Justin Case was not my own idea, but so hilarious that I couldn’t resist drawing him.

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