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Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

(U.S. & Canada – Stay tuned!)

Seeing love in every situation in your life is sometimes tricky, it can take years to dig out the loving intention behind the words you heard and oh no, how those frogs just sometimes jump out of your mouth – All this is so very human and perfectly okay.

BUT if you want to have a happier life, then adding this line in your everyday life as a guiding principle, will make a difference.

“See LOVE, Hear LOVE, Speak LOVE”

Maybe not right away, but little by little, when you stay curious. Asking yourself these questions regularly is helpful too:

How can I see love in this situation?

What loving intention lies in the words I hear?

How can I express myself more lovingly?

If you are like me, it’s not easy to remember, so I asked Mira to help and created this design so you can wear it as a reminder to tune into love and spread the message wherever you go!

Pick your country from the drop-down menu (U.S. and Canada will be added in a few weeks!) and have fun choosing your favorite design – You can then customize it by resizing the image. It’s easy!

Artist, Illustrator, Author & Life Coach. Turning struggles into loving laughter with her illustrations.
Creator of Mira(cle)Doodles.

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