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See Love, Hear Love, Speak Love


Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

It finally arrived!

My first T-shirt design
with Mira’s face on it and
I’m so happy with it!

Have you ever heard of the three wise monkeys
who see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil?

Well, after I heard that your brain doesn’t really pay attention to the negative words, but only hears the words around them, the saying would then turn into “see evil, hear evil and speak evil”. And that’s not very helpful, is it?

So what’s wiser is to turn the whole saying around and
say “See love, hear love and speak love”.

That makes my shoulders drop and curiosity awaken – How can I see love in this situation? What loving words are hiding behind the words I hear? How can I express this more lovingly?

I designed this T-shirt to wear as a reminder to tune into love and to shine your light wherever you go.

If you want to wear one too, check it out at:

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

You can even resize the picture and make other adjustments to it.

What a creative platform to order your clothes from! Have fun!

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