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The Book is on its way to you!


The Four Phases of Creativity

Yay! The first batch of books have now been sent to seven countries worldwide. I can’t wait it to reach its new home in your heart.

I love wrapping gifts and as I was wrapping each book to be sent out on its way to its new home it felt just like Christmas – I loved it!

Some ordered the book signed,
and oh wow how that felt exciting!

Opening the book and starting to write on it was so much fun!

I scribbled a little not for everyone who asked for it on the first page of the book – and celebrated!

The Four Phases of Creativity

Then I got to experience the joy of seeing the book in the hands of a friend of mine.

And she asked for a signing too.

This is so much fun!

The Future of this book

I made a decision to keep the possibility open for getting a signed copy from me by trying to have a few copies in my online shop available at all times.

But I’m now also considering releasing the book as an on-demand printed book that you can get from a book store closer to you.

Stay tuned for more information on that!

And meanwhile, if you want a signed copy,
they are available at the elinap shop!

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