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The Reason I left the ego out…


The Four Phases of Creativity

Even though this book was born from a need to go past the ego, to get my creativity flowing and finding out what the bigger picture is when it comes to creativity and making it flow… I left the ego lizard out.

Even though it’s a lot of fun to draw the ego and create those doodles which reveal his actions and how the human nature works (like in my #Inktober drawings lately)… I left the ego lizard out.

I left the ego out from


because we already know it’s really causing us trouble.

I left the ego out because I didn’t want to give him any more space in the mind anymore. When the solution is to live in higher frequencies it’s no use to dwell in what’s not working. Let’s rather look at what works!

I left the ego out so that the book can truly take you on a journey to unleash your creative flow, and hold your hand through it – From start to finish – In a way that feels great!

If you feel like you’d like to have a break and spend some time with what works – This book does it!

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