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Be Inspired by Spring


Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

This week I’ve been inspired by spring!

I’ve been cooking up a coloring picture to continue my tradition of observing nature intently in the spring-time. I looove to focus on the signs that pop up here and there: colorful flowers, birds coming back from the south and forests filling up with singing. You bet, I’m there with the birds, singing along!

These spring themed coloring pictures will be available in Finnish only, because every country has a little bit different signs to follow in the nature in spring…

But if you are in Finland… Getting to color in a little bit of this picture every time when you notice a new sign of spring appear in nature is exhilarating!

I can’t wait to start coloring!

If you are in Finland and are interested, find out all about this coloring adventure on my Finnish website called

I took this photo in 2014 when a spruce surprised me with its macnificent flowers (if you can call them flowers…)

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