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Celebrating Ten Years of elinap – Part V


I started blogging and had my first website created ten years ago!
This series is a sneak peek back into those days (and illustrations).

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

Back in the summer of 2014 I started yet another blog…

It was called “ACIM-Doodles”

A little while earlier I had started doodling in my study journal while studying A Course in Miracles Workbook and this little stick figure girl popped out of my pen, who later on turned into Mira and thousands of doodles more.

But back then I was called to share my doodles, because they made studying A Course in Miracles so much easier and more fun for me.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

I wanted to understand.

Oh how much did I want to figure out what it all meant – this dicotomy we lived in, an how my ego and the loving voice inside me that had ruled my life so far fit into the picture.

So I drew, and drew,

…and kept drawing.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

In this doodle above I wanted to understand the fact that we are all love,

how does love think in so many ways:

Some presentations of love thing they are too small, some think they are stuck. Others think they are too big or they keep comparing themselves with the other presentations of love. And some fall in love and “break their heart”.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

Then I tried to understand that we are all representations of ONE love.

And here we all return back to love one by one.

“PoFF,” says the bubble as it breaks.

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

I started using my eyes to see just love.

And then I managed to buy a device that I could draw with.

(I still draw with the same Notepad!)

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

And so my doodles got colors!

…But I couldn’t post all the doodles I drew, I think I managed to post about a hundred, but they only covered about twenty lessons, there were hundreds of more and I doodled more every day.

So those doodles stayed in my notebooks, and I started drawing Mira(cle)Doodles from all kinds of quotes I found online.

And now, a lots later I’ve started to go back to my old doodles and play with them like with this video above with a doodle from my old blog!

Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

After all the best part from the doodling journeys I’ve taken has been the way Mira lifts me up. In the middle of something obscure I’m trying to figure out or whenever I’m too tense, worried or serious, she catches one word and makes me laugh. In this doodle above she reacted to the word “Simply” when nothing I had read so far felt simple to me in A Course in Miracles. (Even if it’s truths were the simplest ones of all in the end).

So my journey with a blog only dedicated to my A Course in Miracles related doodles quieted down, but my journey with the doodles has continued when I drew through the lessons for the second time in 2019 (You can still see the doodles here) and this year when it is my third time going through them. Now I’ve been doodling daily and posting a short video every month for my newsletter subscribers.

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