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Mira & Her Heart


Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

Let me introduce Mira & her Heart
like they are introduced in
The Four Phases of Creativity book.

MIRA is an ever-curious, joyful inner child who loves to follow her heart and doesn’t stop, even when the ego butts in (the ego is the part of us that wants to play it safe and keep going). She determinedly finds a way to understand the situation more deeply. The drama of her life builds up around this one question: Will she choose what her ego tells her to do, or will she keep following her heart?

MIRA’S HEART represents inner guidance, intuition, inner wisdom, soul or true self — choose whatever word you want to use. She symbolizes the love that we are. A love that is all-encompassing, all-accepting. She knows our birthright is Joy, Love, and Ease. We all have the power to choose to follow our heart. We just need to pause, look around and remember that Love is ever-present. The heart never leaves Mira’s side even if she loses sight of it. Love will stick around like the Sun. Clouds may hide it but it still shines. To make choosing love easier for you, try expressing gratitude or acts of kindness. A tiny smile offered to a stranger is a start!

Now they asked the Moon for guidance when it comes to creativity and making your dreams come true, and a book was born from this adventure!

The Four Phases of Creativity
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