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Plant the seeds of your dream


The Four Phases of Creativity

After resting & dreaming, you’ve found out what you want.

The next question is…
What will you do to make your dream come true?

But relax, if nothing seems to show up yet, remember this:

“Whether creative expression happens in nature or in your mind, it doesn’t show up on the surface right away. Its roots are growing sturdy in the dark, beneath the surface.

Let your unconscious mind
work on your behalf.”

All you need to think of is the next right step for your dream when you are making your dreams come true.

You can find these words in my new book The Four Phases of Creativity which guides you through all the steps of the way.

“The best book on creativity to come out since The Artist Way or Natalie Goldberg’s books. Deeply original and a pathway to joy.”
Jedda Bradley – Creator of The Egbert, Margaret & Stephen Show

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