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Coloring pictures for children’s hospitals


I licensed three coloring pictures this summer to be used in children’s hospitals in Finland.

Coloring pictures for Kummit ry

I enjoyed a dream come true this summer when Lastenklinikoiden Kummit ry (The Association of Friends of the University Children’s hospitals) asked coloring pictures from me. They operate in children’s hospitals in Finland, and my dream has been to collaborate and help children heal with what I have to offer.

Coloring pictures for Kummit ry

One of my earliest artist memories is actually from a children’s hospital where I colored a LOT when I spent one whole week in hospital bed after an accident. I bet there are many enthusiastic colorers that my coloring pictures may inspire!

Coloring pictures for Kummit ry

I drew the bear mascot (called Teemu) in three coloring pictures that are filled with events and animals. Teemu throws a ball, reads a book and observes others from a castle tower. I wonder what he thinks? And I wonder what stories the 114k overnight visitors are going to tell from these pictures while they are healing!

Coloring pictures for Kummit ry

I’m wishing all the little patients quick recovery and feel thankful for this collaboration.

Thank you!

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