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Follow Your Heart Planner Vibes


Here’s a personal project of mine that I’d like to share with you!


For a couple of years, I’ve created my own planners and have been testing out what works for me. I love to have a customized planner, and this time it’s almost the same as my planner for 2021 – Not too many tweaks were needed to be made now, but I did add more illustrations and color this time!

This kind of planner makes it easy for me to get things done, and I love to have it simple, not too many things to fill in, and thin – it’s only 96 pages long (measures 21 cm x 21 cm – 8.5″ x 8.5″) – Focusing on the MOST important thing is really crucial for me, it makes it easy to spiral upward with a feeling of getting things done – When you have only one thing to really get done in a month, in a week, in a day – It’s so much easier to accomplish it!

Here’s a little overview of the pages:

1. The planner starts with a spread for my why, my vision and the best use of my time – It’s good to return to these at the beginning of the year.

2. Next up is a yearly plan, my most important goals, my word for the year, power animal of the year and a card I pull for the year. Then on the next page is room for dreaming of the best-case scenario for the year! That’s fun! (And is included in the weekly planning too!)

3. Two spreads for a year-at-a-glance, which I’ll use to highlight the most important task for each month, and the other one I’ll fill with monthly cards that I pull at the beginning of the year, and maybe I’ll write some more in the boxes each month on how it turned out. There are many other ideas that this spread could be used for: Boundaries I need to set in different times of the year, feelings I want to feel in different seasons, any gentle and loving reminders that would do good for me…

3. Two spreads for “THE ONE THING FOR THE WEEK” in my case it’s the most important task I have for the week.

4. Then twelve spreads for “THE ONE THING FOR THE DAY” where I also do some tracking: How did it go? (DONE/Proceeded/Ouch…), I write down the day of my cycle and the phase of the moon too. Those help me to see the bigger picture for what works and why something didn’t work out – and to plan accordingly.

5. Then comes 52 pages for weekly planning. These pages have numbers 1-31 at the top where I underline the dates, and my cycle. Filling in a weekly best-case scenario inspires me to dream big and ask for help. I also love to ask my soul, mind and body each week what they’d love to feel, do or have. I’ll also return to my big vision each week and fill in one thing I can do to tend to the vision. I’ll fill my to do list freely, and each morning pick the tasks that I feel called to do that day. Those seven circles are for tracking things, my plan is to start with social media, and color them in when I’ve posted something. (I need a reminder to show up!) Little hearts pop up here and there as illustrations with a loving message to keep up the vibes all through the year.

6. After the weekly planning pages I have a spread for reflecting back on the year. These questions I learnt from Kate Northrup: What went well? What didn’t go well? What am I grateful for? What lessons I learnt?

7. The last question is about looking onward: What will I take with me to my new year?

8. And then I have three pages for notes, which could be for lists or anything…


What do you think?

What is your favorite planner like?

Do you make your own planners too?

I can’t wait to start filling this one up in January!


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