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A Forgiveness Soap Recipe


My A Course in Miracles Workbook studies have become colorful this year!
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Here’s something I found in my notes from 2014 for today’s lesson (Lesson 62) – A Forgiveness Soap Recipe!
Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap


To wash away all guilt, fear and pain

1 big bowl
As many attack thoughts that you can find
Even a teeny tiny pinch of forgiveness powder (the more you add the faster the process)
Small amount of willingness

1. Mix

Put everything in the bowl, heat it up gently and stir continuously.

2. Stir

As it stews you will see the f-powder starting to envelope all the attack thoughts, and form little heart-like bubbles. The whole mixture starts to change color from the dirty grey that it was into clearer and pinkish. Each stir clears it up more and more, so keep stirring. Do this until there are no attack thoughts left. If you do wander away from this process for a while, days, weeks or months, years, you can return back at any time to continue stirring and adding in more of the ingredients.

3. Be Patient

When you are ready, pour the mass in little heart-shaped molds and let it dry & harden overnight. It’s ready to use when it feels good and solid with an inviting softness on the surface.

4. Use

Remove the soap from the molds, and wrap the pieces beautifully. You can use it yourself or give away as a gift—it will be a gift to yourself either way. When used on yourself it will be a lovely reminder on how much power little willingness and forgiveness have together in a stirring moment.

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