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A Christmas Calendar
Coloring Picture

This coloring adventure inspires families to spend quality time together during the busy holiday season.

Relax together

Color & Tell Stories

It offers you a possibility to relax together by coloring and give the gift of time with your child. In these moments spent together you can create space for meeting them on a deeper level, heart to heart.

In the magic of relaxed moments together is where memories that last a lifetime are made.

Let the Christmas magic sparkle by coloring one part of this picture every day until Christmas Eve and listen to the stories your child tells you. (A handout is included to inspire storytelling)

Five minutes of 100 % attention given to a child is in many cases all your child needs – With this coloring picture giving your child that attention is made simple.

Coloring pictures by elinap

How to Color

Starting on December first color the character(s) closest to the number of that date and you’ll have coloring to do for each day until Christmas Eve.

A Great Tool for Teachers

This coloring picture will inspire storytelling and it can be used in a classroom too. Print each student their own coloring picture and color one character a day. Ask for children to write or tell stories of events of the day. Or color one picture together as a group so that each child gets to choose their own characters or have their turn in telling stories!

With purchasing one downloadable Christmas Calendar Coloring Picture you buy the rights to also send it to one group of children to be colored. So buy one & Send one for free to a teacher you know.


You can color the background first and leave the animals and other characters uncolored. (This makes it a fun journey with smaller children if parents color in the background and then your child can color in the characters each day)

Only color the elves hats first and then start coloring the picture day by day.

More ideas included in the handout PDF that comes with the purchase!

Pick your Favorite &
Start Your Coloring Adventure

Christmas lights are lit up and candles burn in the windows. Some elves are busy preparing for the celebrations in the big house, some are playing and someone is feeding the birds. Find out what goes on in this busy picture by coloring it.
You can almost hear the laughter, joy and singing too!

Ever wonder what it would be like to celebrate Christmas high up in the treetops with fairy dust and a dragon? The adventure begins with the delicious smell of gingerbread cookies while the Northern lights dance in the sky. Snow is falling peacefully and one star after another shows up in the dark. But the elves and animals have a lot going on.

It’s the time of year when the frozen lake hums in the freezing weather, you can see your breathe in the air and enjoy the sun that shines low. This is when the elves are busy building snow lanterns from snowballs, dipping into the lake for a quick swim and joyfully making snow angels. Enjoy a peaceful moment in the nature with elves and animals.

Christmas at a Tree House

Let’s climb up in a treehouse to celebrate Christmas!

The Northern Lights lit up the sky while stars sparkle up one by one.

Little mice have their own Christmas celebrations going on inside the tree trunk and a snow man hands a present to Zebra who’s visiting.

Hot chocolate feels warm through the mittens while a crispy winter breeze blows.

Christmas at a Treehouse & Christmas In a Big House Coloring Picture Calendars can be placed side by side to make a bigger picture – This way two siblings can have their own pictures to color and tell stories from.

Coloring pictures by elinap

Print in size A4 or A3

When you are very small and even though coloring doesn’t yet stay in between the lines (oh well, it doesn’t need to..) and stories start bubbling inside of you, it’s easier to color if you print it out in a bit larger size. Try printing it as A3 sized print!

(NOTE: Best quality in A4/letter size prints)

Coloring pictures by elinap

With very little children I recommend hiding the black coloring pencil or marker so you’ll be able to “read” the stories later on too.

Download, Print & Start Coloring!

Merry Christmas!

Note: You are allowed to only print this coloring picture for your own personal use for one group of children and/or your own family. So you can send this to your child’s teacher or a group of children of your choice to be printed out and colored too if they’re interested. One group of children / purchase.

This coloring picture inspires stories and is recommended to children from 6 to 10 years old, but younger ones have loved it too!
Best quality when printed in letter/A4 size.

Commercial use (resale or otherwise) is strictly prohibited.

Product pictures colored by elinap herself – Your download will be in black&white.