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Making Time for Rest

Making Time for Rest

I just sent out an update for my patrons with this coloring exercise where you can color your heart and tug her in bed. Click Here Choose any tier and you get to download, print and start playing right away!  This coloring exercise is part of the book I’m...

A Rejection Letter To Celebrate For!

I just got an email that was basically a rejection letter. I just smiled! I was happy for it! And this is a new feeling to me.. I used to take it personally, like really personally.. Like so that I didn’t try again for years. But now I’ve tried! And first...

Ready To Begin!

I am ready to begin! I just got myself new supplies that should last through the next challenge, which is to draw and color a children’s book. I love these Polychromos Coloring Pencils by Faber-Castell.

Next.. Building a storyboard

My next book is starting to build up. This will be a collaboration with an author of a wonderful children’s story. I love it! I’ve now illustrated enough books to have gotten to know my own way of doing it. And the best way for me to begin is to build a...