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Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

If you are a tactile person or just love to lay down comfortably, take out pens and highlighters to color, journal and make little doodle notes on the sides of the pages of your favorite books, here are some tips for you to get the most out of The Four Phases of Creativity book.

Tips for Making Notes

When I want to grasp a new idea and take it to my heart, I use colors – four different colors of highlighters – with an intention to catch the most important parts with PINK, something not to do with GREEN (the color of the ego lizard) and YELLOW and ORANGE for something in between to have the pages bathe in colors but the messages still pop out from the page.

Stars for messages that feel miraculously right.
Exclamation marks when something is really important.
Hearts for loving messages.

Get Comfortable
My favorite spot for studying as a child was laying on the floor, but what is your favorite spot as an adult?

Try out different spots for getting comfortable!

Is it at the desk, or a cafeteria?
In the woods or at the beach?
On a couch or in bed?
Does your home have different energies in different spots?
Where does creativity flow the best for you in your home?

What Coloring Does
Meditation for me comes through repetitive movement with my hands, I feel coloring does just that. It relaxes my mind.

When the mind relaxes connection with your heart opens up and it is easier to hear your own inner truths.

The answers you are looking for surface while coloring.

Even though The Four Phases of Creativity is not designed as a coloring book, try experiencing it through colors and make it your own with splashes of color here and there – Use an highlighter to help the messages you needed to hear pop up from the page. Color Mira with your favorite colors, so she feels like YOUR inner child to you. Add hearts, stars and exclamation marks where needed too!


Choose Wisely – Which Pen to Use?

Test it out

When you get your hands on a book you can’t wait to read through and want to dive deep, make notes and really understand its message, reflect on it and implement it in your own life, hold your horses for a minute or two first to make a test.

Take out your favorite coloring pens & pencils, markers and highlighters and give them a go on a page somewhere in the book where you don’t get bothered if it bleeds through or makes a mess.

I tested out several pens, so you don’t need to test all of them on your copy of the Four Phases of Creativity – You can find the test results below.

In the two pictures below you can see how I’ve tested out different coloring pencils, pens and highlighters to see how they feel on the paper and if they bleed through the page.
I still don’t know whether the book is printed digitally or with an offset printer – It depends on how many books are sold. So I tested out both paper options and I was happy with both.

The Four Phases of Creativity

Does it Bleed Through?

It seems like with both paper qualities whether the book will be printed digitally (Paper on top) or with an offset printer (paper under the book), alcohol-based markers (like Sharpies and Copics) are out of question, they bleed through strongly (see the picture below of the flipside of the page) but other highlighters and pens are great for both.

The Four Phases of Creativity

How Does it Feel on Paper?

Another thing you want to maybe test out is how it feels on the paper.

Both paper qualities felt good with most of the pens I tested them with. Digitally printed one is a little bit thinner, so you could see some of the shapes through even if it didn’t bleed through. The biggest difference was with the coloring pencils – the paper quality for offset print felt amazing! If the book is digitally printed, then coloring pencils may not feel the best.

The Test Results

Coloring pencil – Faber-Castell Polychromos
Great if the book is printed with offset printer,
Not recommended for digitally printed version of this book.
NOTE: If you use coloring pencils you may need to add blank papers between pages while you color to avoid colors messing the opposite pages.

Highlighter – Stabilo Boss Original
Great for both! Doesn’t bleed through nor see through.

Felt Tip Pen – Faber-Castell
Great for both, but starts to bleed through if you color the same spot for a while.

Fineliner – Stabilo Point 88
Great for both. Sees a little bit through on digitally printed version of the book. May start bleeding through eventually, if you keep coloring the same spot.

Graphic Marker – Copic
Alcohol based markers are not recommended for either paper quality. Bleeds through strongly.

Permanent Marker – Sharpie
Alcohol based markers are not recommended for either paper quality. Bleeds through strongly.

When the sales hit 66 or more sold books the book will be printed with an offset printer on a little bit thicker uncoated paper – if less books are sold the book is printed digitally. It’s exciting to see which one it’ll be!

The Four Phases of Creativity
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About elinap

About elinap

Artist & Life Coach. Turning struggles into loving laughter with her illustrations. Creator of Mira(cle)Doodles.

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