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Friday Evening at an event…


MIRA - Glimpses of Life & Whispers from the Heart

Last week I took my book out in the city on a Friday evening!

The Four Phases of Creativity visited an event with me and had fun on its own little corner of the table next to my friend Marianna Salokannel’s ceramics.
(IG: @mandala_and_more1)

It was really exciting to see people flip through the book, ask questions, and talk about creativity, and how they feel about it.

This is the first time I did this… because I’m the type of person who likes to listen others speak, so this was a biggie to be out there and speak about what I do.
…It’s easier to type 😉

But of course it again was more about listening to what others say than me talking – Maybe I could do it again!?!

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