Mira(cle)doodles coloring workbooks

 – Planting seeds of happiness –

These coloring workbooks are designed to offer you a simple, yet powerful, coloring journey toward a life you love.
What’s best – You’ll create yourself a visual reminder where you can always return to when you need encouragement on your path.

My books are designed to help you connect to love and ease your way toward a life you love.

Color Your Dreams True & Learn to Trust the Process:
10 Simple Coloring Exercises to Help You Magnetize Your Dreams and Enjoy the Journey

Are you overwhelmed by your dream?
Are you longing for easy visual reminders of the joyful steps that you can take to remember that you’re already doing enough?

With this coloring workbook you can create your own visual reminder! Read more…

Other Books I’m Working on…

Mira(cle)Doodles Book

Your favorite doodles in a book! I just started to work on this and you will hear more about it as soon as I know more! Stay tuned with signing up for the Mira(cle) Monday newsletter

Mixed Animals

A coloring book for children with a story of a lonely ratrabbit to color along. Filled with details and fun! Will be available in Finnish sometime this coming winter.

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