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Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

Meet Mira’s Ego the Lizzard

The lizard in Mira(cle)Doodles symbolizes our ego. Whenever we make decisions with our primary brain (also called the lizard brain), this fellow is at play. That’s when we begin defending, explaining and attacking – Fear rules our action.

A course in Miracles describes these moments as a call for love. It is interesting to make the drama visible with these symbols, because it helps to reveal the moments in our lives when we need to make a better decision.

We do need our ego’s help to survive, but survival isn’t enough, we want to thrive – and for that we need to choose wiser or we end up living our lives according to a script..

Just keep reading – Do you want this kind of voice to dictate your life?

Tell us something about yourself…

Hi there, I’m the Ego – the Boss. Your guide helping you avoid any harm and making mistakes. So basically you can thank me for keeping you safe.

You sound like you got some nerves – What are you proud of?

Ah, I have to have the nerves! I’m the proudest when I manage to keep my human safe. You have maybe noticed how well I’ve been holding Mira back. She has stayed within just a special, very loving and wonderful group of people. Wouldn’t it be a terrible fuss if more people heard about her!!? Now her world is safe and the trolls have stayed away too. Phew.

What has stressed you out the most?

Well, life in general is filled with dangers. It is stressful from the moment we wake up until the moment we go to bed at night. But ultimately the most I stress is when Mira plays at the border of her comfort zone. That’s what gives me the creeps every time. I don’t want her to slip to the other side.

Have there been any relaxing moments for you?

Ahem.. *Whispers very quietly* There has been some moments sometimes when I have actually… Was it called “re’axed”? Sounds very dangerous, so I try to avoid it.. But it has happened sometimes. That’s when Mira’s heart has actually managed to do some tricks and I have felt a funny sensation.. Hmmm, actually it was quite a wonderful feeling. Oh but don’t write that, people might get the wrong impression!

I’m sorry, but I can’t do that, this is live.

But now you made me curious… So are you saying that Mira’s heart has actually made YOU feel better? Does this mean that following her heart’s advice could be actually beneficial to you too?

Now don’t you put words in my mouth. I didn’t say that!! It’s highly risky to jump out of one’s comfort zone! Never do that! Stay small! Listen to me! Don’t trust anyone! That is the only way you can stay safe in this world!

Is it really that black and white? Couldn’t a heart have a chance?

Life is mostly black and white. What kind of question is this? What would it look like if you all started to listen to your heart above me? Yuck. Everybody would be taking risks and there wouldn’t be contradiction and drama – Which is my fuel! What would people do without great conflicts! Nobody would grow anymore!

Aargh, but now you are sounding very contradictional.. If everybody was taking risks wouldn’t that provide enough drama for you?

Well, maybe I was playing out a scene where they wouldn’t listen to me at all anymore. That’s the worst case scenario for me…

Maybe the drama would still be there, just because you will be there too…

Ahh, but that’s a soothing idea. I like that! I’m not going anywhere as long as there’s life. I can stay and keep on getting my message out there to save the world!

So.. What is your motto?

Stay safe!


Well, thank you for this opportunity to chat with you.

Ha! Don’t you know I’m the loudest voice in your head at any time anyways?


Ouch.. *Sigh*


Fill in with what comes to mind first.

The purpose of life is… To survive.
What brings me the most joy is… To find a solution to everything.
What sucks the most… When my human tries to get out of her comfort zone.
Favorite color is… Invisible
Favorite animal is… A shark

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Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap  elinap - Elina Puohiniemi 

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