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A Truly Kind Month


Mira(cle)Doodles by elinap

February came and went with a loving theme of



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Here are all the posts in a nutshell so it’s easy to find them whenever you need to go back and get some loving reminders on how to be kind with yourself.


  • We started the month with finding out
    what Self-Kindness is at Its Best with the monthly doodle.
  • The day after Valentine’s Day which here in Finland is celebrated as a day of friendship Mira was on a mission to explore Self-Kindness in Action in the monthly doodle story.
  • To finish the theme we yet dived deeper into Experimenting Self-Kindness with a coloring picture to really feel it in our everyday lives.
  • As usually on the last Monday of each month I shared a sneak peek behind the scenes and what’s been going on with my art for all the tiers… At this time of the year it’s when a lot happens at once, so check out this post for more on that.

The theme of March is COMFORT ZONE or more specifically how to step out of it with love.

Let’s find out Mira’s joyful approach already tomorrow with the monthly doodle!

The Monthly Themes in 2021

Shadow Work         Self-Kindness          The Uncomfort Zone

Cyclical Living          Creativity          Rest

Dream         Dare to Shine         Ask for Help

Daily Practice (in October)

Abundance vs Scarcity (in November)

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